Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 2010 Update

It's been almost 18 months since I added anything to my blog. I've been a little more busy with my blog for guitar players and musicians, but on my personal blog here I haven't kept up because I didn't think anyone would be interested. If anyone is actually reading this thing, please leave a comment or send me an email to I'd love to hear more from you. I've been able to reconnect and keep up with many old friends on Facebook. Make sure you connect with me on Facebook so we can keep in touch. I give frequent updates on Facebook.

Now, what has happened since my last blog update? Well, we finished buying all the furniture we need for the new house. It's hard not to end up with too much "junk." Peg and I have our little "collections" going. Peggy is collecting British tea cups and saucers, and I have once again formed a nice collection of German lidded beer steins. I also have a few knifes as before, but nowhere near the collection I once had. I've got a nice set of books in my office. The recording studio is almost complete. I have a BOSS digital 8-track recorder instead of computer software, and a few good microphones and accessories. I record a lot of the tracks directly on my new Yamaha keyboard, then add the rest of the instruments and vocals on the BOSS.

I had my carpal tunnel surgery as scheduled, and it was successful. About a month after that, I also had some surgery on my nose to help me breathe better. It was painful and bloody, but it helped a little - not much, just a little. I think if I had it to do over, I would not have the nose surgery. Too much misery for the little bit of relief I got.

It's been a year since I taught my guitar classes, so I'm going to teach a two week "refresher" course for folk guitar and also for classical guitar beginning next week.

I joined a new band last November, and it's turning out to be quite successful. We released a new CD in May, and I am more pleased with this than anything else I have ever recorded. I think this CD has the drive to promote us into the major concert circuit, but I'm not sure everyone else in the band is willing to put aside all they have going on and follow a career as a professional musician, so if nothing else, we’re probably the best country gospel rock band in San Diego County. We're nominated for "best gospel band" for the San Diego Music Awards 2010. The name of the band is "Rightside," and our website is

I'm still teaching Business Information Technology for the San Diego Community College District. My current job site is at Mid City Continuing Education Center in City Heights. We've been very strongly affected by the budget cuts at the State level. A lot of classes are closing, and there is no money for books or supplies. I can already see that this is having an impact on enrollment. Our state government in California is so screwed up, it sickens me to have to wait 8 more years before I can retire and move to a more sensible state. I've learned not to complain about anything because it never does any good.

Well, thanks for following my update. Please leave a "comment" and let me know you're out there. And don't forget to check my web sites, and