Monday, February 4, 2008

Life goes on, good or bad, it still goes on!

Here's what is new since my last update in November:

In December, during the Christmas holiday season, Peg and I went to Kentucky to visit our two daughters and our 3 grandchildren (the other daughter & grandchild lives in Phoenix, and we'll be going there in February). About half-way through our visit, I became very sick and too weak to walk. I came home on a wheelchair. When I went to the doctor, I found out that I had developed diabetes. To give you an idea how bad I felt, books say that if your blood glucose level is over 300, notify your doctor, if it is over 500 it is critical. Mine was 668! It took me 3 weeks to recover, but I now have my diabetes under control, and I haven't felt this good in a long time. Apparently, I must have had this coming on for a long time, and I just thought I was weak or had the flu whenever the blood glucose levels would go p or down. Then on my first day back to work, I came down with a weird flu that is going around and had to take off another week!

I am gradually starting to rebuild my music career. I now own three guitars - A Carvin AE-185 for blues & rock, a Heritage Golden Eagle for jazz, and a Martin D-42 K2 (all Koa wood) for folk. I also bought a Presonus Firestudio Digital mixer, an Audio-Technica 3035 studio microphone, a Music Man RD50 guitar amp, a Zoom H4 4-track field recorder and some multi-track recording software. I am almost ready to begin recording again. When the new house is complete, the Audio Barn recording studio will be moved inside and will occupy bedroom #3. I am scheduled to appear at the Telemagica festival on May 22-26. I'm not sure yet what day I will perform. Maybe I'll camp out and perform several days!

Plans for the new house are progressing nicely. We have most of our furniture bought and on hold for delivery, and the contractors should be getting started in about a two weeks. We had the opportunity to design the house exactly the way we wanted it, and we are very excited. The new house will be larger than the old one. We even bought a top-of-the-line spa for relaxation! We still have to make plans for a pool and a pond, as well as have the landscaping re-done. I'll post pictures when the project is complete.

Please respond or email me. It would be nice to hear from you.