Friday, November 9, 2007

Recent turn of events

Things have changed dramatically since my last post. On Sunday, October 21, 2007, my house, along with 1,493 other homes, was destroyed by the wildfires that roared through San Diego County at 50 miles-per-hour. Peggy and I are now living in a condo in El Cajon while we are making plans to rebuild the house in Dulzura.

We were not home at the time of the fire, so we were unable to save anything from the house. Along with all our furniture, photos, collectibles, computers, CD's & DVD's, etc., I also lost 18 guitars, 10 guitar amplifiers, 3 PA systems, a set of drums, 20 harmonicas, a bass, mandolin and banjo, and all the recording equipment in my recording studio. The past is wiped out, the present is a dull blur; I hope the the future will bring better things!

I will be temporarily out of work as a musician, and it will probably be a long while before I can rebuild the studio. I am hoping to save up and get a nice acoustic guitar and continue to write new music. I will also continue to perform with the Gosple Revival Band as we continue to reach out to more and more people with our music ministry.

My deepest thanks goes out to all those that helped us in any way to get through this ordeal, especially Wanda for saving our pet dog, Howard & Donna for giving us temporary shelter, the American Red Cross for offering food, clothing and necessities, Farmer's Insurance for prompt claims settlement, and my students and all the people I work with for their heartfelt donations.

Please keep in touch!